Grossman at Great Brook Farm

by Pols and Politics

Massachusetts Treasurer Steve Grossman is quite possibly the world’s biggest ice cream lover. When he was campaigning for office in 2010, Grossman stopped at dozens of independent ice cream shops across the state, regularly posting photos to Facebook and Twitter. Now he keeps tubs of ice cream in his State House office to dish out to guests. How he maintains his slender figure is beyond us.

So when news broke last week that Great Brook Farm’s ice cream stand was shut down by the state due to permit violations, the obvious question was: What does Grossman think?

The treasurer issued a brief statement a few days later saying he spoke to the Carlisle ice cream stand’s operator, Mark Duffy, and Ed Lambert, the commissioner of the Department of Conservation and Recreation, the state agency that closed the stand. Grossman said the three were trying to find a “workable solution” to re-open the business.

“When ice cream and small businesses are on the line, I’m on it!” Grossman said.

After a week, Duffy and state officials reached an agreement and the stand re-opened on Saturday. Patrons who visited the stand on Sunday were greeted with this sign prominently displayed on the front door:

Grossman is attending the stand as part of the start of National Small Business Week, said a spokesman for the treasurer. He’ll be buying every patron a free ice cream cone between 3-4 p.m.

Did Grossman play a part in getting the stand up and running again?

“Whatever role Steve played, he’s thrilled to be here to enjoy fresh ice cream during Small Business Week and celebrate the preservation of 13 jobs,” said a Grossman spokesman.

Chris Camire

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