Dems blast Brown for student loan vote

by Pols and Politics

Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair John Walsh released the following statement Tuesday after Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown voted against a bill to freeze low interest rates for student loans:

“On the votes that matter, Scott Brown stands with the national Republican Party and Wall Street, not middle-class Massachusetts families. If Congress does not act and Stafford loan rates double in July, more than 161,000 folks in the Commonwealth will be forced to pay an average of $1,026 more a year. Senate Democrats put forth a measure to keep student loan rates low, but Scott Brown joined Senate Republicans to block it today.

“Scott Brown needed help to pay for Tufts and law school at Boston College, just like the thousands of college students in Massachusetts who are struggling to pay tuition and make ends meet today. Now that he’s a millionaire Washington politician, it looks like Scott Brown isn’t interested in helping the next generation get a college education.”

Senate Republicans derailed the Democratic bill to keep interest rates on federal college loans from doubling July 1. Republicans said they favor preventing the interest rate increase but blocked the Senate from debating the $6 billion measure because they oppose how Democrats would pay for it: Boosting Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes on high-earning stockholders of some privately owned corporations, according to the Associated Press.

Chris Camire

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