Scott Brown turns to sports… again

by Pols and Politics

If U.S. Sen. Scott Brown loses re-election this year, maybe he can get a job on 98.5 The Sports Hub. The Republican has released another radio ad focusing on a local team. In his new spot, Brown wishes former Red Sox players Jason Varitek and Tim Wakefield well in retirement,.

“Whatever comes next for these two guys, they’re both hall of famers in my book,” says Brown. “And I wish them the same happiness they brought me and every other Red Sox fan.”

Brown also released a radio ad before the Super Bowl, celebrating several moments in Boston’s rich sports history and thanking the New England Patriots for a successful season. In the one-minute spot Brown name dropped Bill Russell, Bobby Orr, Carl Yastrzemski, John Havlicek and Carlton Fisk.

Brown’s love of sports has been a political asset. He regularly calls into sports talk radio, and his victory over Attorney General Martha Coakley in 2010 was partly attributed to her lack of sports knowledge. Coakley infamously thought Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling was a New York Yankee and scoffed at the suggestion she should campaign outside Fenway Park in the cold.

Elizabeth Warren, Brown’s likely Democratic opponent this year, has made an effort to avoid Coakley’s mistakes. In an interview with The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart days before the Super Bowl she confidently predicted the New England Patriots were going to “spank” the New York Giants.

“We’re gonna getcha,” said Warren. “I’m sorry. It’s just reality.”


Chris Camire

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